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Ethereal Gaming – Code of Conduct

If you are considering and wish to join our community we expect you to follow these simple rules. The reason for these rules is because we want everyone in our community to have an enjoyable time. They are not only for other member's protection but also for your own. Breaking these rules will result in you being banned from our community. By registering and applying to our community, you are accepting these rules and will follow them.

No Hacking

We do not allow nor support any form of hacking. If you are caught hacking you will be permanently and instantly removed from our community.

No harrassment, flaming or abuse

If you have a problem with someone, please talk to a moderator and we will take care of the problem at hand. Do not name and shame people on the forums or in TeamSpeak.

No multiclanning

We don't mind you playing with your friends or even bringing them to our TeamSpeak. However as a member of our community we do not allow you to use a member tag of another community/clan that supports the same games as we do.

Do not discriminate

We don't allow discrimination towards any race, gender or sexual orientation.

Do not post inappropriate/screamer links

We do not allow any innapropriate content as well as screamer links posted on our TeamSpeak nor Forums.

Do not give Ethereal Gaming a bad name

Stay polite in-game, forums, teamspeak and everywhere else. You are representing our community. We expect you to do so in a respectful manner.


Teamspeak should be used at all times when you are in-game with members of our community. You are allowed to be muted in the channel and are not required to talk but being online and in channel makes it easier for coordination in-game and also for our staff members to be able to contact you if needed.